Sarah's Story


I grew up in a Christian home, accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was young, and fully surrendered my life to Him in junior high. However, when my best friend was killed in a snowboarding accident and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer—all within the period of a year—I dealt with my pain by partying and doing drugs. After being raped at a party, I felt disgusting, unwanted, used, unworthy, depressed, and broken. I became completely numb to everything and everyone around me. 

During this period, a close friend called and invited me to a SexualityUnmasked conference. I flew to Spokane and remember walking into the conference scared and unsure of what was going to happen. Jim asked for an altar call and prayed for people who had been sexually abused. Something happened in the following moments that I can’t put into words—it was like a burden was lifted. I could feel again and knew the Father’s love and acceptance.

This began a journey that has changed my life. A few weeks after this encounter, I got on a plane and flew to Hawaii where I began a YWAM discipleship training school. The Lord awakened in me a desire to see women’s lives changed by His love and the message of purity. I always had strong convictions about purity, but after the rape I felt like I could no longer live out my calling. 

Through this ministry my love for God and people has been awakened. I am working on starting up small groups at my university campus to talk about topics not commonly talked about in the church: sex, purity, and healthy relationships. Thank you, Jim Anderson and SexualityUnmasked, for obediently carrying the message of purity, healing and restoration.