Mary's Story


When you (Jim Anderson) came to our discipleship school, I had recently had an abortion. Your message greatly impacted my heart since my wounds were so fresh. Nothing will tear apart a woman's heart like such a choice as this. Between the abortion and sexually inappropriate relationships, I had never experienced such heartbreak. Your message brought me hope. In a painful way it showed me how far I had fallen from what God had intended. However, it also awakened in me a picture of the kind of restoration the Father wanted to bring in my life. 

God’s work in me is not complete, but I want to share His faithfulness. Since you spoke, the Father has continued to remove layers of shame, regret, and pain from my heart. Before, I could hardly look at myself or my past without crumbling under the weight of self-hatred and pain. Now, by His grace, I am separated from my past and feel clean and free. His love is changing everything!  

As a good Father, He has not only begun to heal my heart from the pain of this past year, but has also humbled and disciplined me by showing me how I've relied on my sexuality to gain the attention I've always longed for from men. He is working out in me a new way of life—a life of purity and right relationships. This is huge for me! I now see that I have great value apart from my sexuality. That alone has brought waves of healing to my soul and greatly changed the way I interact with my brothers in Christ and the men I encounter on a daily basis. 

He is doing a good work in me that is deeper than I ever could have imagined. I can't thank you enough for sharing your message around the world. Even if I never remembered a word of your teaching, I'd always remember the way you talked about your daughters and your wife. I'd remember the stories you told, the way you cherished your girls, and that you gave me hope that such loving fathers exist. Thank you for being such an example and pointing me to the One who truly is the good, good Father I've always longed for. 

He is restoring and securing my soul, and I am so grateful. Oh, that the Lord would raise up many more father-figures like you to help heal the broken hearts of the fatherless around the world!

Unmasked Movement