The Truth Sets People Free (by Jodi)

The Truth Sets People Free


I grew up looking for love and attention from men. I knew about God but didn't know He was alive and that He had all I needed. I had boyfriends from a young age because that was where I found my identity. When I got into high school and wasn't able to fill my own needs for love, I started drinking.

Drinking contributed to my being raped, sexually involved with others, and drinking more and more to cover up the shame. I contracted STDs just out of high school and got pregnant not long after that. 


Through being pregnant with my son, God began to show me that if I didn't want that kind of life for my son, then why would I want that life for me? I ended the unhealthy relationship I had at that point and began to pour myself into church. However, I still felt lots of shame and regret. Things began to change when I heard the SexualityUnmasked message from Jim Anderson. I got prayer and felt free for the first time. I listened to Jim's teachings constantly for two years while trying to completely pull myself out of drinking and yet another unhealthy relationship. 


Then one day the Lord reminded me of what my existence was like without Him—no peace and tons of shame, doubt, and worry. I then determined to dissolve all unhealthy relationships, live solely for the Lord, and wait for the right man that God had for me. That took me on a journey of healing and restoration, and for the first time I felt truly alive, secure, and satisfied with where I was at.


After a time of thriving and falling completely in love with the Lord,

God brought me the godly man He had just for me.

We knew of each other for a long time through church, serving, and friends before God awoke our spirits to one another. We then began talking and spending time together. We did what we called “doing things God's way”.  We were only friends up until the day of our wedding when we shared our first kiss. 


I am so secure in my marriage knowing I am with a man who (before I met him) had died to his sexuality and allowed that to be awakened only in the covenant of marriage; was able to look at all women as sisters or mothers; and was deeply devoted to and in love with the Lord. My wonderful husband adopted my son right after we got married, and we have since had a little girl.

We can’t wait to serve the Lord more and more as a family, and we look forward to raising all of the children the Lord blesses us with.