Angie's Story: Made New


Made New

Angie shares about the newness she encountered in Jesus while attending an Unmasked Conference.

When you talked about your family, I could tell you loved them so much—much more than I had ever felt loved in my life. It made me cry because I realized this kind of holy love was possible. I caught myself wishing I had grown up in your faithful home. I realized it was not my fault that my father was not a man of faith and that he was overwhelmed by life. It was not my fault that I was not provided a strong sense of love and belonging before I went out into the world—a world I was not prepared to enter. 

When you called us to come and be healed, I didn’t come. I was still holding on to my guilt, and I felt so unworthy. In His goodness, though, God saw my pain, and you saw my pain. You came and prayed over me, calling out all the darkness, hate, resentment, and destructive pain I had. You prayed the sweetest prayer, “Devil, go! Leave now! You do not live here anymore. Go!” And it was gone! As you shared, the experiences and guilt of my past are totally reversible through the love and resurrection of Jesus Christ! God does have the ability to put the petals back on the flower that the devil has torn off! (This truth is shared in your book, The Heart of a Woman.)

I do not have to live in the sins of the past; I can live in the glory of today. 

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