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Bethel Christian Fellowship: Saint Paul, MN

Pastor Jim Anderson will be speaking at an Unmasked conference held at Bethel Christian Fellowship in Saint Paul, MN. Part of his speaking will be leading an annual youth retreat called Empower. The Friday and Saturday sections of the event are also open to the public.

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From Bethel Christian Fellowship’s bulletin:

Friday, May 10th (7 PM)
Saturday, May 11th (9:30 AM—5 PM)

”Unmasked (part of Empower, but also open to the public). Our speaker, Jim Anderson, founded Lifeline Ministries in 1990. His ministry quickly evolved into one of healing, deliverance, and restoration to those wounded by sexual sin and immorality. “Purity is not just about the history of your body, but it’s about the current condiDon of your heart.” All are welcome to join the youth for this event.”