The Boardroom of Hell (By Jim Anderson)


The Boardroom of Hell

by Jim Anderson

Conversation is animated in the room during the few moments before the meeting begins. The sound of the banging gavel results in a lessening of the noise. “Will the meeting come to order?” A strategy meeting in the boardroom of hell has convened. Satan himself will be leading the discussion. Today’s topic? The development of a strategy to destroy one of the nations of the earth. 

“Suggestions for the accomplishment of our goal?” Satan inquires. 

One of the older demons offers a suggestion. “Targeting infrastructures that affect the quality of life would surely accelerate the demise of a nation. I suggest polluting the water supply and disrupting the transportation system by increasing the number of potholes in the road.” 

The younger demons are disgusted. These old-timers are completely out of touch. Don’t they understand we are in a technological revolution? “I suggest we concentrate on disruption of the entire cell-phone system, along with the breakdown of the Internet. No texting. No calls. No tweeting. No Instagram. No social sites. Complete communication breakdown and resultant isolation.” This comment has come from one of the younger demons, offered with a sense of self-satisfied superiority in light of the previous suggestion. 

Satan, watching this unfold, finds himself frustrated at the lack of progress he has made in bringing the older demons up to speed and in helping the new ones understand the critical nature of targeting. Impatiently he explains, “We need to stay focused on the long-term strategies that have worked to bring former civilizations to their knees. Broken systems are evidence of the breakdown of a nation, but they are not our primary targets. First, we hit our target hard! We focus on the time-tested weaknesses of the humans and their most primary relationships. Whether they are riding a horse or riding in a jet plane, we need to assault their identity, their sexuality, their marriages and their families—the things their money can’t buy. The wealthy could easily replace infrastructure in a nation; they can’t buy a good marriage, moral purity, familial love, and unity. Those are our time-tested targets—the means of destroying nations.”

There is a frontal assault against God’s gift of sexuality that originated in the boardroom of hell.

Without much effort, you can observe it in the culture. It affects everything. Things once clearly defined have now become clouded and are under fire. Who thought up the idea of sex? Did God design it? What does God’s gift of sexuality entail? Does His plan work best? Why is there so much pain associated with sexuality? Is sex the highest human experience? What is a woman? What is her role? What is a man? What is his true role? Is it permissible for men to be with men and women to be with women? Can’t Johnny be raised equally well with two mommies or two daddies as with a mommy and daddy? What difference does it make if two people live together before marriage? We have fallen into a state of confusion, and people are asking questions they have never asked before. 

Godly men throughout history have understood well the issues that determine the fate of nations.

English statesman William Wilberforce is famous for his twenty years of tireless effort to successfully see legislation passed that made the slave trade illegal in his nation. In the early 1800s he also vigorously supported the Adultery Prevention Bill. He considered it a subject “of much more importance than any question about peace or war, or any constitutional question”, because it “went to the inmost recesses of domestic happiness; to the very foundations of civil society …unchecked, nothing could have a greater tendency to destroy the whole fabric of society.” (Excerpt from William Wilberforce: The Life of the Great Anti-Slave Trade Campaigner, by William Hague.) Unlike most modern politicians, he clearly understood that moral issues affecting marriage and the family are far more important to the future success of a nation than issues of defense, the economy, business, or education. 

Jim Nelson Black, in his book When Nations Die, lists the contributing factors to the demise of nations throughout history. Three prominent factors are the decrease of religious belief, an increase in immorality, and a devaluing of human life. All three of those factors are prevalent throughout our society. According to Black, what we believe and who we worship, the value we give to human life, and how we live out our lives sexually will determine if we are to succeed as a nation or not.