A Father's Valuable Perspective

What happens when the men of a nation sow abandonment, dishonor, and selfishness into the women around them? They reap two million women marching through the streets of our nation with a desire to be heard, noticed, validated, valued, and loved. As men, we are reaping what we have sown.

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Unmasked Movement
The Boardroom of Hell (By Jim Anderson)

There is a frontal assault against God’s gift of sexuality that originated in the boardroom of hell. Without much effort, you can observe it in the culture. It affects everything. Things once clearly defined have now become clouded and are under fire. Who thought up the idea of sex? Did God design it? What does God’s gift of sexuality entail?

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Love is Like Wine (By Bonnie Pue)

According to the teachings of Scripture, marriage is the place where there can be an unashamed amount of attraction that gets you tipsy, that then leads to sexual intimacy in the privacy of your relationship. It is celebrated and encouraged, and the Bible clearly says that "the marriage bed is undefiled".

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